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March 31, 2007


Ghost of Tom Joad

CNN has fallen to Faux Noise depths ever since Ted Turner sold it to Time Warner.

Lee Levan

The drive for profits (ratings) has blinded a great deal of, especially the electronic, media to the ethical principles which, believe it or not, still are taught in journalism classes. The same drive has significantly blurred the line between news and entertainment.


We have a local blogger who clearly announced his support for his District candidate. Turns out, she paid him to help set up a website...

John Morgan

Ethics require the blogger to disclose that relationship. Blogs are modern day opinion columns so if you have a clear conflict you must reveal that to your readers. Obviously accepting payment from a candidate or campaign influences how you write about them. The readers have the right to know of your relationships so they can take that into account when reading your opinions.

You risk losing credibility otherwise.

Ghost of Tom Joad

When did Time Warner get in bed with the neo-cons? Have they always been and I just didn't know it?

John Morgan

Just look at all the talking heads on CNN, they're almost all conservatives. I wouldn't call them neocons but they're definitely conservative.

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