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May 03, 2007


Ghost of Tom Joad

Those ministers who preach hate will burn in hell, if there is such a thing. Don't those people read the bible? Then again, Jesus said not to worship false idols, and guys like Falwell and Robertson and even Smirk fall into that category. Despicable people they are.

dennis g.

How anyone could of voted against this bill is beyond me. But then again, I should not have been surprised that the extreme element of the rethug party took things out of context, twisted words, and just plain lied about this legislation.
However, it passed and now it's up to the Senate to come up with, hopefully, an identical bill. They should not have to give any ground to the wackos on the right to pass a really good law.
And then, when the bill is sent to President Dumb Dumb, there is, believe it or not, a piece of me that hopes he vetos it (as he indicated he would). Because this will be another tool the progressives can use in '08 to eliminate more idiots now in congress, allowing for a larger majority.


The truth is many "Christians" do want you dead for not agreeing with their tainted beliefs. It's that simple - they believe you'll burn in eternal fire, be "left behind" to suffer while they go off and enjoy the spoils of their "beliefs." I love ya John.

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