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June 22, 2007



It's unfortunate that our legislators think the health of casino employees is less valuable than that just about everyone else.

Fran the pipefitting man

how many of our reps will vote against this one

Lee Levan

Amen Emma.

John Morgan

This bill seems to hav ewidespread support. We'll see when it comes for a full vote.

John Morgan

What, you think the health of casino employees trumps (pun intended) all that flood of cash the casino corporations put into last year's campaigns????


I have been researching the health issue and second hand smoke for over a year now. The pro banners and all their orgs have not been able to produce one incident of of death or real illness caused from second hand smoke other than ones that can be avoided by not netering a freedom smoking establishment.
The progessives have ruined the real democratic party. Maybe its about time you form a progressive party and leave us real democrats to ourselves. Elitist socialism is not for us. Go let Hillary and the "village" baby sit you and raise your kids.


Me thinks thou is not a very good researcher.


M says around here there is a village that STEALS people's babies. Try researching that one! Here is a good place to start:, go to liz notes and read "Stalking through the Courts" especially the Father's Manifesto - I think its page 32. Then check out the christian legal society, check out the newsletters. Look up, under sexual health. Check out doctor dobson, clinic lies, marriage promotion, and then tell us all about ELITISM and DEMOCRACY.

John Morgan

I'm trying to figure out how progressives have ruined the Democratic Party (by the way, idiot, you need to capitalize that or, instead, you're referring to everyon ewho believes in democracy), we've saved it from itself because we actually believe in something.

Dobson is an intolerant, bigoted Neochristian who needs to read what Jesus taught. Talk about eleitism, he thinks only he knows what God thinks.

Lee Levan

Nemo, unfortunately you have demonstrated your lack of knowledge of progressives. Most progressives oppose Hillary for the Democratic presidential nomination. I suspect that you are not a Democrat (or possibly not even a democrat).

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