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June 06, 2007



The Orcinus comments have been debunked and they have the campaigns response. Ron Paul is clearly not racist.


Jeeezus you DNC shills are pathetic. How 'bout this - Fuck off, pwoggie-bloggie. I'll damn well support who I want to support.

John Morgan

I haven't seen anything which debunks the carges against Paul. In fact, the more I read about this man the more I'm horrified that he's even in Congress.

He introduces a bill every session to have the US withdraw from the UN. He's not only an extremist he's as "out there" as anyone can get. He is supported by David Duke.

If you trolls want to hang out here and dole out your toxic swill please remember I don't allow terms like "fuck off" on my blog. Any further use of that word in a comment will see it deleted.


Given that the UN was is used for justifications of wars inconsistent with the goal of protecting Americans, withdrawal is not a bad idea.

The founders warned us of entangling alliances due to the fact that they are all too often a detriment to our security.

Has the UN ever offered a security benefit to the United States? It has been very little, if anything.

Do you take it for granted that the UN is good for the United States, or do you have support for your opinion?

John Morgan

If you have no concept of the good the UN has accomplished, the wars it has avoided, the peacekeeping it continues doing in volatile regions of the world then you cannot be reasoned with.


The gig is up marxist knuckle dragging freaks.We have your number.Ron Paul for President!

John Morgan

Don't you just love these trolls from the Patriot/Militia movement sharing their love with us?

chris casey

what is amazing to me is that Bill Maher had him on Real Time a few weeks ago, and was sucking up to him big time on Iraq war issues. There was no mention of his "other" views.


Oh, did I hurt your coral-pink widdle ears, pwoggie? Of course you haven't read anything debunking your democorporate smear. When your sources are the cheeto-stained do-nothing pundit-wannabes at dko$, you only hear what the DLC echo machine wants you to hear.

Oh, and Fuck Off.

John Morgan

Mr. Smithee, you don't know anything about me do you? If you did you'd know I'm not a fan of DailyKos. I got my info from Orcinus and the links posted in their comment threads revealing even further detritus about Mr. Paul.

I'm familiar with the militia movement myself from reading about it quite a bit over the years. I'm familiar with their connections tot he Aryan Nations, anti-semitism, racist philosophies and such. I don't need to read Markos for information about these nut jobs.


Just to comment on the UN; I think that for some of it's aspects it does good, but as a whole the organization is corrupted and floundering. Especially the Security Council, little to no good has come from that; and anyone who preaches about their sanctions they've imposed is forgetting the lives lost as a result of those sanctions. We ought to pull out of the UN because it's an international disgrace that's done little good to protect against the extremist dictators in this world.


Ron Paul on racism:

“Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals…..

…..By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so called diversity actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racist…..

…..We should understand that racism will endure until we stop thinking in terms of groups and begin thinking in terms of individual liberty.”

----Congressman Ron Paul, April 18, 2007


You should
1) Know better than to pick bits and pieces
2) have better reason than "racist" to think he's a bad candidate, but i'll save you the time here's a list of reasons to hate Ron Paul

John Morgan

The man is closely involved with racist groups and organizations and wrote and disseminated two regular newsletter on those subjects which were distributed within the white supremacist communities.

That's all I need to know to figure out he's one of them.

Alex Libman

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! Ron Paul is not a racist, people who associate cutting government welfare with racism are the real racists!


John Morgan, I can only assume that you haven't looked at anything written about Rep. Paul in years if you can't find anything that debunks him being a racist.

Climb out of the hole in the ground you've been living in and do a bit of research but don't make asinine claims because you are to lazy to use google, yahoo, ask, technorati or any of the other search engines that are available.

Can't you guys come up with anything other than the racist card or the earmark card? Both have been played out.

Heck, the racist card started in February when he announced his exploratory committee, and he is only one of two presidential candidates that have released their earmark list. All the rest won't release them at all.

Hell, the racist thing comes up every 2 years in his district and he still gets elected because it's been debunked so many times.

I know owning a computer is easy now a days, and blogging couldn't be less difficult, but don't try to represent yourself as some kind of 'NEW' Walter Winchell when you can't even be bothered to spend ten minutes doing a little home work.

A few tips:

1) Buy low, sell high
2) When mixing colors, yellow plus blue make green.
3) Keep your day job because you suck at gossip

John Morgan

How do you explain his newsletters spouting survivalism, the Patriot movement and other white supremacist ideology? He's been deeply involved in this movement for decades.


John, while some survivalism and patriot movement groups have white supremacist, not all survivalism and patriot movement group are racial supremacist. Now the survivalists and patriot groups most likely have views 180 degrees from you does not mean they are inherently racist.


Wow, I didn't know that wanting our federal government to return to it's Constitutional authorized powers was considered being part of the Patriot Movement and that it was all controlled by White Supremacists.

Damn, I will have to tell my black, hispanic and oriental friends I can't associate with them anymore because John Morgan says so.

Assuming that same logic ,all liberals must be democrats and vise versa. All conservatives must be republicans and vise versa.

I guess republicans can't be friends with democrats. Their ideology is so diametrically different.

Heck, the people that I have been working with, republican, democrat, green, libertarian, black, Hispanic, white, oriental,anti-war, some truthers, NORML as part of the RP meetup group should all disband immediately because we are too different from each other and might confuse the John Morgan's of the world.

We shouldn't have set aside our differences and work to elect the one man that has been able too unite such a diverse group of people in a common cause.

Goodness, we might actually get something accomplished instead of constantly bickering like the rest of America.

lord help us.

John Morgan

The militia and "Patriot" movements are white supremacist organizations. Don't insult my intelligence by saying otherwise, lol.

Paul has never publicly disavowed his associations and involvements in those groups and causes. The newsletters put out over his signatures were clearly racist. I know his core supporters are working hard to contain his exposure as a racist extremist but please take your quixotic quest elsewhere.


There must be little intelligence to insult if you are unable to grasp that all of one group of people does not share the same beliefs of some. Surely, whatever belief systems to which you subscribe does not contain people with the same beliefs. Or let me bring it down to a level you might be comfortable with. You like pepperoni, Joe Pedophile likes pepperoni. according to your logic because you like pepperoni you are a pedophile.


I.Q. of 50
Loves GW Bush
Your first name wouldn't be Jeb would it?

John Morgan

I'm intelligent enough to understand that if someone belongs to a movement they believe in the movement, unless they're a spy or plant for something else and pretending.

There's an old canard that if something acts like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it's likely a duck.

John Morgan

Let's be clear about Ron Paul: he wrote regular newsletters for the white supremacist movement and he did this over a period of time. He was part of this movement, an integral part of the movement. There's no leap of logic involved, he was deeply involved and nothing you do or say to obscure that to get him in the White House is going to mask who he is and what he stands for. Those newsletters exist and people have found copies and they're his history and his record and he's accountable for what he said and did.

He's now trying to explain he didn't actually write those articles but if he allowed them to be published and distributed under his name it's the same thing, because he authorized them.


you are the Joseph Goebbels of blogging. If you say a lie long enough you think it will become the truth.

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