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July 20, 2007


Lee Levan

I don't want to sound like Chicken Little here, but the genius of our American system of government is its checks and balances. Sure, sometimes things get unbalanced for a while, but the system is designed to reign in any branch of government which attempts to asert supremacy over the other two.

If the judicial branch of government has become so corrupt that it won't function as a check on the unconstitutional exercise of power by the exeutive branch, and if the legislative branch, under those circumstances, doesn't have the courage to impeach, then we have lost our constitutional form of government.


The brilliance of brain wash was in the total take-over. It appears the first and only job requirement was allegiance to the cause - above and beyond morals, ethics, harm to others or even horror. Top it off with take-over of the forms of communication. I believe they have been cooking up this recipe for many years.

If Americans (and Christians) are so pacified and self-indulgent to accept it, don't they get what they deserve? which is the loss of respect and hatred of the rest of the world.

Yet still, we complain about the inconvenience of getting a passport. I'll quote from the news "it is just ridiculous that we have to put up with this" Guess that spoiled brat wouldn't much appreciate being an Iraqi refugee with no means of survival but prostitution or a 20-year old with no legs. Do we not get back what we put out?

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