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July 09, 2007


Buck Batard

Keep this up and you're going to outdo Anne Coulter for the most radical writer on the net.

John Morgan

There's one big difference: mine is clearly marked as satire. It's humor. Hers is serious.


I think Anne would be the first in line. Can we add women and an alternative lifestyler to that presidential lineup. That might do it.

John Morgan

Buck Retard has this bad habit of not checking how articles are classified. I also write humor and satire here. Heck, we can't be serious all the time or we'll go crazy with madmen running the country.

As I recall comedians do redneck jokes all the time. That's all this is.

Can you imagine Ann Coulter with this presidential lineup? She'll be an automatic quote machine. She'll keep me in material for months.


Last week Mann was back on her "women shouldn't vote" kick....which begs the question: why would a woman ask someone to revoke her rights?

Unless, of course, that jumbo adam's apple is indicative of what some of us suspect about "her"....

John Morgan

Remind me again why Ms. Coulter has an adam's apple???


Ummmm....tomorrow during recess we could always discuss how batteries have + ends and - ends, John. :)

Joyful Alternative

Relax, John. I'm certain Buck had his tongue in his cheek for that comment!

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