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August 28, 2007



Thanks for being there tonight, John, and for posting about it. I hope that this is the beginning of a movement to end this war.

Ghost of Tom Joad

I hope we can get someone to finally kick Gerlach out of office. He is one of those types that will stick by Bush until he's voted out of office. He won't learn any other way. The 6th is a Democratic leaning district. We need to make sure a Democrat is elected.

John Morgan

Any suggestions Ghost? The field on the Democratic side is wide open and the opportunity is there.

Chris Fegley

Hey folks,
Just a thought...has anyone started lobbying local and county governmental bodies to pass resolutions calling for an end to the war and returing the troops as soon as possible?

THe AFL used this tactic to help save social security and increase the minimum wage.

John Morgan

Yes, Dorothy Reilly and her Democracy In Action group has been doing this.


thank you for posting this- I was glad to be there and to meet so many fine new people. Ms Rita could have atleast spoken to us before she departed. As I said in my part, Gerlach sponsored the banner that hangs in Harrisburg to honor Sherwood, the least his office could have done is listen to his mother.
peace be with us all
Celeste Zappala

John Morgan

You're a constant inspiration through your courage and compassion. Keep up the good fight and thank you for coming to Reading.


Celeste, I was thrilled to see you posted. I'm impressed by your lifelong commitment to peace and social justice. Truly, a good, worthy person was lost. I especially hurt for the loss of Sherwood to the mentally challenged for whom he cared. It is often hard to find reason, but I do believe it exists. God bless, doreen.

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