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August 31, 2007


John Morgan

I've yet to receive any reply whatsoever. Meanwhile the smear comments targeting me continue on my local blog. Yesterday one of Tom Caltagirone's gerbils left one accusing me of being a drug dealer.

These are classic Caltagirone tactics. Does the Party support and condone such behavior?

Kirk Wentzel

You're a drug dealer? How come you didn't tell me? Do you how much my drugs cost and you could have gotten them for me for wholesale.

On a serious note, eremember those who make the cahrge have the burden of proof, otherwise it's sophistry.


"Yesterday one of Tom Caltagirone's gerbils left one accusing me of being a drug dealer."

Is there evidence connecting the person who made that comment to Caltagirone (i.e. a revealing IP addy)?


The problem with the comment about the gerbil is the gerbil won't understand. I am sure Uncle Tom will but the 180 degree turncoat won't. OOOPS I guess that tells who I believe was referred to! But then again there are several people who fit the bill!! Right CW And JR?

Kirk Wentzel

Well, if John has the Latitude and longitude I can zero in on a map which house the post came from. Then print the pix, drive to the house and get the address. Then a simple search of the tax records by a real estate agent would turn up the owner. From there it would probably be pretty simple. Conveniently I know a lot of real estate agents.


Fear of the entrenched career political criminal runs deep and wide. There is a real estate buy and sell operation with Reading development/state improvement grant, a Rendell interest. The rackets are VERY profitable and many are involved and scared. That is why you get no response. He is lashing out, cause he is in a precarious position and afraid of losing his important connection to before public knowledge of chosen grant development geographic areas, and losing his ability to protect his friends by changing State laws. Guess even his friends are giving him heat.

John Morgan

I do have all that information Kirk. I printed the comment from Typepad with the IP address and then cross referenced it with both my Site Meter and Stat Counter documentation of the visits.

I'm sorry to disappoint with the news that, alas, I'm not a drug dealer.

The clues rampant in the comments left no doubt in few people's minds of the author's identity. It is from a Caltagirone supporter.

Joyful Alternative

Real estate tax records are online in Cumberland County---maybe Berks, too?

Kirk Wentzel

It's easy to find who lives at a particular address, especially when you work for a real estate I do. :)

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