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September 04, 2007


Lee Levan

What! It wasn't enough that I had to be conscious of not tapping my foot to the music piped into the bathroom? Now I have to be careful not to clear my throat if my ankle gets itchy?

John Morgan

Don't worry Lee, just don't use a wide stance and you'll be OK.


Lee, especially if it's the

Girl from Ipanema


Love Shack

No GOP lesbians, what, you mean they kicked Coulter out of the club???


Oh and did you all hear, Larry might decide to stay in office and keep with his hypocrisy and do the Dems the biggest favor in the world.

New joke: How many people does it take to elect a Democratic Senator in Idaho? 1, Larry Craig *ba-dum-dum*

I think when Arlen made the overture that he should not necessarily resign that somehow this renewed his vigor like a geriatric E.D. treatment.

I think he made a Specter of himself with that remark. *oooo*

I'm gonna go out on a limb and it'll probably float like a lead balloon, but...

...maybe the GOP should start to give some honest thought to changing what the GOP stands for... Gays Only Party *oooo* *oooo* I apologize to all homosexuals but ya gotta admit the whole G-O-P thing just begs to be messed with.


"No GOP lesbians, what, you mean they kicked Coulter out of the club???"

What the hell ever made you think that Coulter was a woman? That adam's apple ain't the only protrusion on "her" body.....although it could be the largest. ;-)

John Morgan

I finally got my copy of the instructions. Kirk's mail must be faster. Lee, you should be OK with the toe tapping now as long as they aren't show tunes.

Also, be sure your shoes aren't red slippers and you aren't carrying Toto in there with you. That labels you as a "friend of Dorothy."

The pink $20 bills can still be used as long as you fold them into a triangle.

Word is Larry Craig perfected the "wide stance" from bending over for his pages and aides.

John Morgan

New joke: what happens when a closeted Republican goes to the bathroom? The only thing that gets blown are secret codes.



Wow, ya know, I hadn't thought of that, but good point. 8-)

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