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September 01, 2007



I was going to offer an update to your story with breaking news that Senator Craig will be replacing Barney, as the temptation to hump men's legs with impunity was too irresistible an opportunity for him. But then I remembered that you are trying to keep this blog "family friendly," and so I decided that I probably should not type anything like that here. <8O) LOL

dennis g.

Of course, being "dropped" in front of the reporters was devastating, but it is not the only reason Barney is calling it quits. Truth be told, he was angry at not getting any credit for being the real "brains" behind dubya.

John Morgan

dennis, that would explain Rove's departure too. I suppose he couldn't architect anything without his guru Barney. Yes, it all makes sense now, the barking up the wrong tree in Iraq, running around in circles in Afghanistan, the tight leash FEMA was on during Katrina, etc.

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