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September 24, 2007



Castor: "Wait, wait, I take it back. I take it back! There, I said, 'I take it back,' which means I never said it in the first place, so you can't use it."

Wow, the guy has a political mind as sharp as a spoon sharing those thoughts about his running mate.

John Morgan

What's amazing is Matthews' silence. Not a word from the incumbent County Commissioner about any of this. Sometimes the absence of words says it all: he has no problem taking Bob Asher's money. What does this say about Jim Matthews? Lots.


"What's amazing is Matthews' silence."

Do you have public contact information in case any of your readers would like to inquire about it? Is that something you can post here?

John Morgan

Sure. Representatives from Matthews/Castor and Friends of Jim Matthews attended the press conference but had nothing to say.

Campaign HQ: 610-275-3058


Maybe Matthews is the smarter politician of the two. Bruce "Not Ready For Prime Time" Castor may be getting the worst of the deal, even though he did the right thing (for a moment) when he communicated with you.

I guess we'll see how important this matter proves to be with the voters in Montco. We'll also see whether the Dems are able to exploit it in their ads, mailings, etc.

John Morgan

Joe Hoeffel and Ruth Damsker are all over the issue. Their campaign has been revealing the pay to play culture in the county courthouse anyway and Asher's influence can't help Matthews/Castor.

If Castor was that worried he shouldn't have run with Matthews as a team. He should have split and run on his own and avoided any tainting. Because they do have a joint campaign account Damsker/Hoeffel are able to claim he's also benefiting from the Asher money.

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