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September 29, 2007


Ghost of Tom Joad

Considering who Virginians have elected the past elections as governor, I don't think Santorum would win there either. He might want to try Alabama or Mississippi.

John Morgan

Virginia is trending Blue like many other states and regions. Still, the Cavaliers don't know him quite the way we do so he might have a better chance than here. He'd still lose but not by such an embarrassing margin.

Maybe he can run for Mayor of Jena, Louisiana.


Rick running for Governor, what a gift to bloggers that would be from the point of view of politics as entertainment. Who is more entertaining than SantorOnDog? We could just recycle all of the jokes from the last campaign.


"Santorum doesn't seem to grasp how disliked he is in Pennsylvania."

Isn't that like expecting a blind man to see?


Whassa matter with y'all?The Bible says that Ricky will be governor, don't it?

John Morgan

Sorry folks, I was out kayaking all afternoon again.

"Isn't that like expecting a blind man to see?"

I guess he still believes in miracles.

Ghost of Tom Joad

Little Ricky would never run for Governor of VA. They have their own problem child down there. Supposedly Macaca Man is thinking about running for Gov. of VA in 2009.

John Morgan

MacacaMan??? daddgum it, let me go grab my video camera and make reservations!

Ghost of Tom Joad

You didn't think both Little Ricky and George Allen would just slink off into oblivion did you?

John Morgan

Sometimes you have to try and be optimistic Ghost.

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