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September 10, 2007


Kirk Wentzel

I wonder how she feels about the County Committee trying to sue a fellow Democrat over the domain name issue.

BTW...have you been sued yet?

John Morgan

No action has been taken as yet. It does seem some of our state committee people made fools of themselves all weekend talking about it though.

These people need to learn when to stop digging. When you find yourself in a deep hole the first thing you need to do is stop digging... They seem oblivious to this rule as evidenced by the comments still being left around here that are only going to make things worse.


One thing that impresses me about Debra Todd is her down to earth and personable character. She hasn't let her stature go to her head.

John Morgan

Anything but. She's an extremely likable, personable person.

Lee Levan

" She's an extremely likable, personable person."

Pardon me, please. A potential political personable person. Preposterous.

John Morgan

She really is a delightful person in addition to being a great Judge.


Plausible, not preposterous! People prefer personable politicians to perform public service.


John, Not many folks lnow much about candidates for appellate court. That makes you Todd blog a wonderful thing. I did not know that all the R candidates are antichoice.

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