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September 30, 2007


Ghost of Tom Joad

As Atrios says, it's always been about Teh Gays for Republicans. The Republican party in this country should be labeled a hate group because that is what it is. They hate gay people. They don't show up at a debate based on minority issues. I could go on. I do hope the Republicans hold the hearings on Craig, in the hopes that they will get exposed(no pun intended) for all to see. After all, Craig isn't the only Republican Senator rumored to like the "wide stance". It would be nice to see them drown in their hypocrisy.


They should try to spend a little more time on legitimate issues and less time on frivolous newspaper ads they don't like and colleagues getting shagged.

John Morgan

Once upon a time Republicans actually stood for keeping the government out of our bedrooms and personal lives.


Amen Ghost! They are looking more foolish every day.


John, I have to admit...ugh...that I cannot think of a reason...other than the one you to why people want Craig out and keep Vitter.

I have stated that I personally dont see either case as being enough in todays political landscape to ask either to leave, but hey, thats just me...

Ghost, you shouldnt be so quick to toss out 'hate group' can get painted with the same brush. I still cannot understand why/how the left is in favor of something almost word for word out of an Orwellian nightware of thought police.

have a great day :)

John Morgan

Craig is being condemend by the Left for his hypocrisy. He's run on a platform of oppressing the gay community while being one of us. He may deny it but there are good treatment programs out there to deal with denial.

He's consistently voted against gay rights legislation so he's fair game.

Vitter has also run on "family values" platforms while using prostitutes and committing prostitution.

See, here's the issue Tyler: if you insist everyone be pure as the driven snow you have to be yourself. I recall a part of the Bible about "he that hath no sin cast the first stone." When you start throwing stones but live in a glass house you get what you deserve.

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