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September 02, 2007


Ghost of Tom Joad

That is Schumer's job more than Dean, but both bare some responsibility. I think we have a real good chance of getting to 60, if we can get good candidates to run.

John Morgan

Republicans have to defend 22 seats next year. It isn't going to be a good year to run as a Republican. If we can at least get close, 57 or 58 we can pick off several Repubs for each vote depending on the issue.


Yes, but you are making the obvious grand assumption that all 57 or 58 hypothetical D's will vote as 1 group on all issues.

We have the problem now of some D's defecting against filibuster cloture attempts.

Let's see if we can get the 60 first and then how much leg room the Dems have with their own, before aiming persuasion at the GOP vulnerable and persuadables.

I'm personally hoping things get real fun and some more Independents make it into the Senate next time around and get to play hell with the two-party clowns.

I'm feeling wryly anarchistic right now.


"I'm feeling wryly anarchistic right now."

DC, Given the recent timid track record of the Dems, you have every reason to feel so.

Joyful Alternative

Go for 67 to overcome the veto, just in case.

John Morgan

Sixty will be difficult enough to attain much less 67. Of course I'm also assuming the next Prez won't be vetoing everything.

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