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September 03, 2007



Speaking of unions, the steelworkers and mineworkers both endorsed John Edwards today. :-)


hey...cut me some slack...i am on i am only looking sporatically...hope everyone is doing well...

however, this should have been noted on labor day...

US workers are the most productive!

now, with organized labor being at an all time it coincedence?

have a great day!

John Morgan

It probably has more to do with those non union workers having to put in ten and twelve hour days, their low wages, and the fact some are working three jobs to make ends meet. At what point does productivity trump working conditions, quality of life and keeping workers in poverty?

Slavery was very productive for the South but didn't make it right. I think you just proved my point Tyler.
Americans are doing more for less, far less. It's called exploitation.

tyler's where my insensitivity rears its ugly head...

But, who is getting exploited? If I am not happy with my job, I quit and find something else...which is what I did as recently as April of this year.

Jobs pay, people work. if you don't like your pay, you can find something else.

This is America...we pay great money to do ALL sorts of jobs...

And there is nothing wrong with working two jobs...INITIALLY...but if you are working 2 jobs out of necessity when you are 60, you made some wrong choices somewhere.

Just my opinion.

Have a great day.

John Morgan

See, this is a typical Republican economy: record profits for corporations at the expense of record low wages for workers. You call it a "market economy," I call it labor exploitation. Just one thing is wrong with your assumptions: there are many more workers than business owners and managers and when they vote, you lose.


John...again I have to be breif since i am still on vacation...

if you dont like your paycheck...either
a) start YOUR OWN company and take the risk/reap the reward yourself.

b) quit your current job and find another that pays more

and those 'record profits for corporations' arent a bad thing...they make the stock value of those companies go up...and who owns those stocks? 401k plans that employees have for their retirement, the 529 that i set up for my kids college...etc.

let Exxon make a billion a month, let Dell make two personal value increases as does anyone who owns that stock. and i am not rich, i am not an executive, i am a worker bee.

have a great day, i'll be back reading come Monday

have a great day

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