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September 14, 2007


dennis g.

I know this is rhetorical but, W and his "friends" got theirs, so why should they care?

John Morgan

Of course, they don't and that's the point. A recession only affects them insofar as the interest they receive on their investments is reduced.

Steven Capozzola

The bottom line is JOBS. The U.S. lost 46,000 manufacturing jobs in August 2007. More significantly, the ongoing losses are taking a cumulative toll on communities throughout the country. We need to adequately enforce our trade laws, and hold countries like China accountable for illegal trading practices such as currency manipulation. Otherwise, we’ll continue to shed manufacturing jobs.

John Morgan

We certainly do. The absence of significant job growth under this Administration is shocking. We've lost the good jobs and replaced them with awful ones. The Bush economy, what there was of one, was fueled by homeowners refinancing, tapping their equity for cash. Now that that well has dried up we're in for a very rocky ride.

Peter Bonny, Jr.

You couldn't have made a story that struck down to my heart deeper than the economy subject. However, being part of the struggling working/lower middle class I become gripped with inner fury when I see what has become of so many of my American brethren, especially in New Orleans, that are getting f***ed by Reagan/Bush/Dubya economics. I am personally concerned with the War, civil rights and a whole host of issues- but when I think of the suffering of our poor Americans and the economic aspect, it makes me want to "draw blood" from the Republican cold heart--devote myself to kicking those bums out of all offices (and preferably out of the country).

John Morgan

But Peter, (said very sarcastically here) think about all the poor, destitute hedge fund managers in New York who are now going broke and losing their $1 billion/year jobs! What about them and their 18,000 square foot houses in Jersey and Connecticut? Don't you feel their pain?

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