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November 13, 2007



Silly John, don't you know that he already confessed his sins to Pope Benny and now it doesn't matter what he did, God forgives him and he's gotten his penence to do and that's that.

I really honestly do feel for the decent followers of the Roman Catholic faith who are trying to right by their beliefs and who suffer at the hands of their clergy and the leadership of the church that refuses to implement honest solutions to this particular problem, namely marriage for priests as an option. '

I know they like to harp on the idea that Christ was just a single guy out to save the world from itself, but I for one think the whole Magdalene deal was more true than the church will ever give credit for.

Here is what I love about Roman Catholics and the irony. They are not hip on homosexuality, officially, and one of their first miracles was the wedding feast in Canaa, and they espouse marriage as a very important sacrament and children a blessing, but they force their clergy to be basically celebate. Yet, these clergy are men who I have no doubt, fof some at least, would want the opportunity to marry or have kids. Yet, the church officially has covered up the very exploitive and pedophile behaviors of many of their clergy here and abroad.

If people don't see both the irony and the problem with this, then folks you are either blind as a sheet or dare I say you don't have a problem with their exploiting young boys, which I hope like hell is utterly false. Yet, I am left to think what the heck could it be. Are you saying that young boys are just making up these tales, all of them, and that the clergy must be the victims here, oh I certainly hope not.

If you good, decent folks are people who scowl and want all sex offenders to be sent permanently packing or castrated or worse, but you hold priests above reproach in molestation and exploitation, you may want to rethink your stance on sex offenders too. if anything to me it is somewhat more heinous to see a clergy official involved in such conduct, because they operate from such a position of trust and authority to begin with. They are supposed to be the shephards watching their flocks, not fleecing it or worse.

Kirk Wentzel

I can't even get started on this subject. These two-faced people have no right to reserve unto themselves the "high moral ground". They have no morals, no scruples and no sense of decency whatsoever. They serve up lies and deceit and smother it all in "the word of God". They rape children and cover it up. They destroy people and famalies and cover it up. And then they have the unmitigated gaul to demand that we do and think as they order us to. No abortion becasue THEY don't approve it. No gay people becasue THEY don't approve of it. No divorce becasue THEY don't approve it. Who the fuck are they to approve or disapprove of anything? These moral hypocrites don't have an ethical leg to stand on and they think they have the right to influence and order our politicians vote this way or that on social issues. Tell you what, when the church starts paying income tax then it can have a say, until then, shut the hell up!

Cover up child rape, get a promotion...that's the way it apparently works in the Catholic Church.

But like I said don't get me started. And don't even bring up the North Carolina Baptist convention wanted to kick out a member church because they embraced gay folk. Oh hell no don't get me started on that. Considering I have family in North Carolina that refuse to talk to me becasue I'm gay might just color what I have to say about that whole group of self-important assholes.

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