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November 14, 2007



I used to intern for LaGrotta for about 8 weeks one spring semester in my final term in college as an undergrad.

On the surface, he seemed alright, but a bit squirrely with a Christian Coalition business card on his office desk, which made me go hmmm....

Back then he was on the House minority appropriations committee and I served out my time there after he had some surgery. I find it amazing though, that DeWeese approved the employment for staff, but alas the legal burden was on Frank to make sure they did work.

Of course, he was one of those who spent more time in the district office most weeks, and had more than a few occassions where he was supposedly in Harrisburg casting votes but yet very much back in the district. Of course, I suppose that has been common practice, and I wonder how much regular citizens are aware of that lovely practice of people tapping vote buttons for their colleagues. Yes, people of Pennsylvania, your state reps are capable of being cloned for purposes of voting on legislation and conducting other political matters. You ever wonder why some of your reps never debate anything much on the floor, because they ain't around all that often, but their button gets pushed.

I suppose that was supposed to be some big secret, but ya know, I'm real tired of the bullshit secrets that these power-tripping big-wigs think they need to keep from the public.

It is time to really flush out the pipe in '08, now that the first round produced at best superficial changes and only began the process of uncovering the rats.

John Morgan

That was called ghost voting and now is prohibited. We'll see.

In the past this is the sort of news I'd have passed on for the blog. Now that I'm "untethered" from the Party it's relevant and published.

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