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January 28, 2008


DC 93

Color me totally unsurprised. Hell, it would be more news and quite a bit more juicy if he'd had the sense to just call it quits and stop being an obstinate bulwark against reform that is beyond desperately needed.

I think there may be factions of old-fashioned organized crime that probably hold our state assembly and its fiscal practices in either high regard or utter envy and that notion doesn't really leave me feeling funny.

Oh, sure the money, we could be told, and probably have been, was spent with "good intentions", but alas the trite reminder about where the path of so many "good intentions" have lead should have tugged at the sleeve of the drunken crew of the PA State Assembly, but alas not strenuously enough to make a difference yet.

They pass laws, policies, and authorize all sorts of state official budgeted monies every year that are held to professional accounting standards and they have an entire governmental agency that is dedicated to auditing. Yet, the Assembly like the old standard tune says, "...But not for me".

Well, here's the thing, you want people to take you seriously, even though, it would seem that some of you don't take even your well paid jobs seriously, then it is time to buck up and hold yourselves to the same standards. It is called fairness, justice, and just being plain professional. You all wanted advice from people in the political science and public administrative field, Mr. Cohen and others, so there, my advice: grow up and act like you expect others to be, who are the objects of your legislative edicts. Let us start with that crazy, off-beat notion and go from there, 'k?

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