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January 23, 2008



Hey, anyone out there...Warren Buffet, John Morgan (keeping you in good company :) ), George Clooney...

Anyone who thinks that the rate of taxation is not high fully capable of writing out a check to the IRS for any amount over and above the current rate. And the IRS will happily cash it.

So, much like John calls those who support the military yet did not serve chickenhawks, those who think the tax rate is too low and yet dont pay more are doing the same thing. Not having the courage of their convictions.

As for tax cuts for the rich, the rich pay a disproportionate (spelling?) amount already...if there is to bea tax cut, it should go to those already paying the higher rate. I think the top 1% of earners bear over 30% of the total tax burden.

As I have mentioned in numerous postings, a progressive income tax is a bedrock of communism, so unless we simply declare "from each, to each"...we need to stop the class envy.

And again, I am far from rich.

have a great day :)

p.s. if you dont want to write the check out to the IRS, I'll give you my paypal account :)

John Morgan

OK, you're equating paying taxes with sending others to die in a war of choice for which the Administration lied over 900 times? People died because these chickenhawks beat their war drums.


no, i am equating the 'courage of the convictions' that was thrown at me numerous times.

i understand fully that people have died (as they often do in times of war) because of the mistakes and miscalculations of most major intelligence gathering agencies in this and other countries. However, we are there now. And we have to fix what was/is messed up. And dont hold your breath thinking that if a Dem wins in 08, the troops are coming home any time soon. You swallowed that hook line and sinker in 06...and the war still goes on.

Getting back to taxes and the purpose of this you your heart of hearts...think that a progressive income tax is fair? Just because person A makes more income (for whatever harder, better investments, luck) than person B, should person A pay a greater percentage? Person A and person B both only get one it fair, truly fair, to make one person pay more (percentage wise)?

I am pretty sure I know your answer, but when its laid out and thought it really FAIR?

John Morgan

Yes, I do believe in a progressive income tax. The rich have a moral and ethical obligation to society to assist those left fortunate. When you factor in the disparities of education, class and race not everyone is equal in this country, not by a long shot.

Christianity also teaches that we should help the poor, disadvantaged and infirm. It's mostly a question of morality though.

Feudalistic societies were the epitome of your logic and there were brutally unfair, unjust and unequal. We're quickly heading back in that direction under Republican policies. The inequality of incomes and opportunity stem from the vestiges of feudalism and slavery, to a large extent.

John Morgan

Speaking of taxes Tyler, when I get the same rights you get come back and talk to me about taxes. I shouldn't pay the same rate as straight people since I have second class citizenship in our system of sexual apartheid.


You don't have second-class citizenship now, but hopefully soon, John.

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