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February 27, 2008


DC 93

Here are the my comments from the early portion of the debate, from 9pm through about 9:45:

-Hillary; insurance for all...this from the woman with Medco, Inc. in her pockets, deeply in her pockets, ha!

-Hillary; nothing more important than healthcare...actually I'm really tired of the whole notion of their being just 1 all important trumping issue. I think it is a ridiculous habbit of pollsters and candidates and it makes the reality and gravity of all issues skewed artificially.

-Hillary; Obama needs another pillow and Trade Timeout's...what the hell does she think this is some PBS show for toddlers called the Poli-tubbies?! Showing more reasons why she's been in this line perhaps a bit too long.

-Hillary; on quoting David Gergen about some topic...I'm sorry that is like Mitt Romney quoting from George Romney. I'm sorry but like Gergen is going to pick a bone with you Hillary if you slightly take him out of context.

-Hillary; on being consistent on her stance about NAFTA...I nearly fell out of my seat and went into a stupor hacking and coughing for minutes after that one. I think she must get her definition for consistent the same place Blll got his for the word "is".

- I gotta give kudos to Russert to grilling them both pretty good and pretty hard on NAFTA and trade agreements in general. I think we'll see some outflow from this on his shows in the not too distant future (call me psychic if you wish).

-Hillary; response to Russert on the whole net loss of jobs in New York state of 30,000 when she predicted and promised 200,000 new jobs....Well, I thought Al Gore was going to be President...Wait. Hold on. Let me get this straight...LOL...You put your state's hopes and a whopper of a campaign promise on the back of Al Gore, which basically means you're saying that the idea was not entirely yours and was taking partial credit for what might've been owed to Al Gore, if he'd gotten elected. So, now that he didn't you get the right to fully blame Al Gore for losing the race that might've gotten you the jobs that you promised, that was actually more tied to another person's efforts, potentially. Wow, I bet they love Hillary at the casinos and horsetracks. Again, I ended up in a coughing stupor fit for a few mintues on this one. Yet, she wants us to now buy the notion that, if elected she'll created 5 million new jobs in 10 years. That's 2 million new jobs a year on average, where our population and immigration net influx is outpacing that need already. Further, Hillary darling, you only get a max of 8 years, if you're luckier than Al Gore, so how you gonna work that last 2 years, from your Presidential Library?!

I didn't bother to watch the rest of it, as I needed my own rest.

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