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February 28, 2008



Much like SCHIP...still alive and well...we just didnt expand it...but if you listened to Harry Reid et al, you would think we were pulling the oxygen tubes out of Graham Frost.

Same thing, John?

John Morgan

You mean they didn't pull those tubes out of poor Graham? Or they just refused to pay for them?

This is a phony argument because SCHIP isn't against the constitution. This FISA bill is. Look up the Fourth Amendment. I don't see anything in there that applies to SCHIP.


I see your point...and I guess i wasnt making mine clear...

I was comparing the left's hysterics over the SCHIP program and the GOP's hysterics over FISA.

Both sides did it/do it/will do it.

Its politics.

p.s. future democrat representative frost's hospital bills were paid in full by the SCHIP program. My son's emergency room visit was paid in full by me.

John Morgan

Yes, it's politics, and that's what we blog about....


I heard this trivia on Jeopardy - at one time Congress limited the number of Supreme Court Justices to 7 in order to stop a President from appointing anyone to the Supreme Court - I don't remember the President.

John Morgan

You're probably referring to FDR's attempt to pack the court by expanding it. The Justices were declaring facets of his New Deal unconstitutional so he decided to expand the court and appoint new Justices more in line with his own thinking.

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