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February 27, 2008



Hate speech is any speech you guys disagree with. Which is why you despise talk radio so much.

Barrack's middle name IS Hussein. Same as Nixon's middle name was Milhouse. Don't blame Cunningham (who i never heard of before)...blame Barrack's parents for giving him that name. And I'm not even sure why people get all worked up when you mention his middle name, his liberal ideology, his background...if there is nothign to be ashamed of, why get all worked up?

The rest was simple hyperbole. I dont really think Barrack will hold hands...hold unilateral talks with countries and regimes who openly support terrorism...but hold hands, no. And I've heard him sing, I dont want to hear him belt out kumbaya anytime soon.

Sheesh, lighten up.

As for 'enflaming ignorant souls' about chutzpah...your party political strength lies (pun intended) in constantly pandering to the truly have fostered generations of Americans to underachieve AND think its someone else's fault other than their own.

From class warfare to race guys are the face of enflaming the ignorant.


have a great day :)

p.s. And McCain's immediate apology is yet another reason why our side thinks he reaches out to the wrong side...did his apology win him any votes come November? Did it win over any dems? Nope. Not one. But it may cost him some on our side.

John Morgan

You don't think his saying "when you peel the bark off Barack..." is a racist statement? He all but called for the n***** to be skinned alive. That was an extremely racist remark designed to fan the flames of racism. Very interesting use of code words and metaphors... The message he sent was chilling.

John Morgan

Oh, one more thing, even McCain condemned Cunningham's use of Obama's middle name so even he found that offensive. It's because of the context of it in light of the defamatory emails swirling around the web. That's what makes this offensive.

tyler all honesty...
You saw racism because you wanted to see racism.

Peeling back the bark is just another way of saying whats underneath. Nothing more, nothing less.

I really think the left sees the world through the lens of race, so if i said 'lets call a spade a spade' you would think i was being racist.

As for his middle name...there is no other way to say it...IT IS HIS MIDDLE NAME. Kennedy's middle name was Fitzgerald...hence the John F. Kennedy. Richard Milhouse Nixon. George W. Bush. Barrack Hussein Obama. Michael J. Fox. George C. Scott.

And again, what you see as McCain apologizing as a reason why his middle name should be off limits, I see it as another reason why McCain should not be the standard bearer of our party.

"I;m Sorry he used Barrack's middle name. I;m sorry he called Barrack a liberal. I'm sorry. Does that get me your vote? What do you mean, no? "


Joyful Alternative

Cincinnati, Ohio, not Chicago.

John Morgan

Oops, sorry, I stand corrected.


It’s too bad Obama wasn’t around and running for office in the 80s, when Saddam Hussein was our buddy. Just think of how many Republican votes that would have gotten him.


Speaking of racists...
how about the latest brou-ha ha over Planned Parenthood (margaret sangers own positive reviews of black eugenics aside) and how they will take money specifically from people who wish to abort black babies?

and Jim...what i think is interesting is that barrack seems to be more upset at his middle name being mentioned now than he was at the more famous murdering dictator to whom he is now afraid of being linked...after all, Barrack has made his political message that he opposed the efforts in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was running the if he didnt really see a problem with Hussein then, my shy away from his own middle name now? Don't link me with the despot I didnt think was such a big deal back then?

have a great day :)


No matter how you slice it, Cunningham's use of Obama’s middle name was meant to bring into play a negative connotation, sort of like the phony “Obama is a Muslim” and “Obama doesn’t pledge the flag” and “Obama wore Muslin-looking clothing while visiting Africa” emails. I am sure Obama didn’t pick his own middle name when he was born, and anyway Hussein is a fairly common name in that part of the world. If Obama’s father was from Ireland and his middle name was Seamus, would that be an issue? If a Korean-American were running for office as a Republican and his middle name was Kim or Jong-Il, would you approve if his Democratic opponent tried to tie him to the North Korean dictator? How about a Cuban-American Republican candidate named Fidel?
If Republicans want to pick apart Obama’s (lack of) experience, that’s a valid issue. But to make fun of his name is rather childish.

John Morgan

You do know I sit on two Planned Parenthood Advocate Boards?


John, I did not know that...did you get a chance to check out the reports...did you see the videos on Youtube?

basically, a group would call in to a PP and say that they wanted to ear mark their donation specifically for the purpose of aborting black babies...they were against affirmative action, they thought there were too many blacks, etc...and each time PP eagerly accepted the donations. Combine that with the founder of PP beig openly in favor of reducing the black population...and you have what could easily be seen as a covertly racist organization doing more harm to the black community than any KKK type could ever do. I think i read the number of minority abortions was over 11million...think the Klan could have ever matched that in their wildest dreams?

After reading those reports, another link I came across was PP ignoring the mandatory reporting of statutory rape cases (having sex with a minor).

As an active participant, is this widespread? Would your chapter accept such a donation?

John Morgan

It sounds like another urban myth promulgated by the hate groups. Anyone can make a video. No such policies are ever exercised at PP. No restrictions on use of funds are accepted, of course. Remember that 98% of our regional services are routine men and women's reproductive health care services. Cervical cancer screenings, std testing, sex education, contraception and teaching women how to avoid having unwanted pregnancies. These idiot protesters are harassing women who are seeking normal medical care, who are seeking medical care and education so they won't need to make the difficult decisions surrounding unplanned pregnancies.

No contributions to PP can be earmarked for any such activity. Don't listen to crazy people.

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