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February 21, 2008



John, you wrote this the other day...

"This is like hitting one bullet with another. If it fails we must question why we continue spending billions on this program. The threats facing us aren't from intercontinental ballistic missiles these days but rogue terrorists with suitcase nukes"

1) We didnt i guess we should justifibly expect more funding?

2) tell that 'intercontinental ballistic missiles to the chinese who now have (and i wont even go there as to how they made leaps and bounds in the technology...ok, I did go there :) intercontinental missiles capable of hitting California. Wait, maybe thats not a bad thing...

come on about some props for hitting one bullet with another? Cant you appreciate the achievement here? something? little golf clap? Smirk? Something?

have a great day :)

John Morgan

So we got lucky and hit a flying bus. What did it cots us to achieve this? On top of many tens of billions we also scrapped the ABM Treaty and did it without any approval by the Senate.



Oh come on. As a guy can't you just appreciate the sheer awesomeness that this was?

Step outside your liberal shell for 2 seconds and be a guy?

DC 93

I, for one, am a bit more relieved to know that we can do this, if we need to do it.

It sends a clear message to the crazies and the unklempt loons of the world's boogie-men governments and organizations that they need a reality check about some of their desires to act like a fool and expect no obstacles or consequence for it.

I don't mean that we need to hawk for war, but having a better defense in my view, is never a bad thing and sends a clarifying message that people need to get their stuff straightened out and stop living with in a pipe dream world.

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