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February 12, 2008


DC 93

That sanctimonious, bellicose, brazen, foul-smelling, heap of a person who gives good jurists ugly names!

I am incensed, I am livid, I am ribald, and I am sadly all too not even shocked at his level of vitriol and by some accounts of commenters around here, I am well acquainted with vitriol on some topics.

No justice of any supreme court of these United States of America has any damn ounce of business giving such an address or expressing such views and still have the nuts to sit in any type of allegedly objective judgment involving such landmark and finitie opinions that the USSC renders, each and every year. I'd expect Roberts to admonish his colleague, but I ain't holding my damn breath.

It is the presence of justices like Scalia that makes me think that we should NOT have supreme court justices who have unlimited terms of service. Talk about "activist" judges, this asshat of a pompous muhl and his bile can go pound sand for all I care. He invites contempt for his profession and leaves an ugly mark on the face of what is supposed to be "justice for all", according to our pledge. We seem to get so lost in the "under God" part of that pledge that the other parts have lost their meaning to some.

I somehow imagine that during the rise of Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia and perhaps even other similar cases of rises to power and the burgeoning of fascist or despotic rulers, that such speeches by their minions, lieutenants, and apologetics have been common, but I was always of thought, until recently, that our country fought against such brazen usurpations of power and kept utmost respect for democratic principles, liberty, and justice for all. Even our languistically challenged Commander-in-Chief has been hot on "exporting democracy" to others, but alas Scalia didn't get the damn memo.

Granted, I love that he's basically shoved his shoes into his mouth and the mouthes of both McCain and Huckabee for their campaign efforts and electability, but it makes that much stronger my feels that the power of the states and the people and NOT the power of the federal government should be paramount. We cannot trust them and it is too easy for someone else of a Scalia mindset to rise to some level of power where we are all at their mercy, in a way.

It also refreshes the notions that allegedly highly educated and intellectual people are often no better, and sometimes quite a bit worse than the most common, simply educated and unintellectual among us all. I thought Clarence Thomas' appearances on Eternal World Television Network aka the Catholic Channel were somewhat questionable and improper, but Scalia is completely out of line on this one.

One of your citizen employers

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