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March 15, 2008


Chris Blask

Hi John!

This is the kind of topic that needs a serious discussion. I've been an information security guy for almost twenty years and it is precisely this kind of issue (and this specific issue) that needs more than a simple answer for or against.

On the one hand, my Liberal past makes me vehemently against anything that smells like government monitoring.

On the other, my Conservative present makes me want to use any possible means to find and stop the nihilistic forces that would see my children dead.

This is precisely why - despite my now long-established tendency to vote Republican - I am supporting Senator Obama.

The following is a fantastic article yesterday by Cass Sunstein of the University of Chicago Law School. In it he recounts a call with Senator Obama on the topic of this very same wiretapping bill.

Dr. Sunstein is a member of the Department of Political Science and a leading spokesperson for "by far the most conservative of the great American law schools".,0,2169730.story


"Not so long ago, the phone rang in my office. It was Barack Obama.

"Obama wanted to consider the best possible defense of what Bush had done. To every argument I made, he listened and offered a counterargument. After the issue had been exhausted, Obama said he thought the program was illegal, but now had a better understanding of both sides. He thanked me for my time.

"This was a pretty amazing conversation, not only because of Obama's mastery of the legal details, but also because many prominent Democratic leaders had already blasted the Bush initiative as blatantly illegal. He did not want to take a public position until he had listened to, and explored, what might be said on the other side."

*That* is the kind of mind we need wrestling with these complex issues.

I, for one, am done supporting anyone who blurts out Position Statements on issues that I myself have a hard time defining my thoughts on.

The world is too complex for leadership that reads from mimeographed party policies.



Elise in NH

Great point, Chris.

Obama doesn't just make a surface decision based on his past experiences. He takes the time to seek consensus, but also seeks the best arguments possible from good minds on all positions.

That kinds of intellectual thoroughness has been much missed in our leadership, and would be much welcomed.

Elise in NH

John From Cape Cod,Ma

This is my first visit to this site so please forgive and questions/suggestions that are redundant.

How are your supplies holding up and is there a central place to send them?

What can folks from out of state do to help?

For suggestions i offer these:

Print pamplets listing Sen Obamas Stance on all the issues, as show on the drop down menu on his site.

Compile a list that contains all the Bills both candidates have
proposed/voted on with a brief description of the "meat" of the Bill.

Now the hard part.

Hand these papers out:
Outside Post Offices
Outside Supermarkets
Outside Malls
The truth is a strong incentive to most people.
I found it effective during the "60's" to help stop an unjust war and dethrone an evil King.

On the night before the primary have folks on the overpasses the are the major commuter route home from work to remind them the Primary is the Next day and get Obama on their minds.
On primary do this again during the AM and the PM commute.

I do'nt think TV Ads and Phonecalls alone are going to win your state by the large margin that we would all love to see.

BTW i guess i'm part of that target group i see mentioned alot.

formerly also disillusioned with politicans and anything to do
with Washington DC.

I updated my site profile and created the Massachusetts Action Group
Please feel free to check me out..join the Group..its open to all and posts are not reviewed for content. Free speech being essential for productive discussions.



Accountability is an issue that Democrats are never going to own if they keep electing secretive politicians like Hillary Clinton.

I'm petrified.


Bush has called serving in Iraq and Afghanistan "romantic"...but, 4,000 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq so far. This number does not include the innocent people of that country who have died too. This is not a game, but it is to some people in power.

We need a president to help this nation heal and believe again. Obama is the only person who can do it. Americans need to take their country, restore the values and beliefs which make this country so amazing and move into the future with a united front.

Joyful Alternative

Thanks, Chris, for this insight.

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