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March 09, 2008


John Keegan

Again I will ask you what proof you have that Lou Barletta made an illegal loan. Please do not tell me about whatever Mr. Murtha's challenger did. That is not evidence. It is a story. Tell me what proof you have. What written information do you have? You have yet to tell the world anything except an Aesop's fable. Where are the facts? Mr. Murtha's challenger story is not about the facts in this particular situation. You have yet to provide it.

John Morgan

Lou Barletta's campaign filed 22, get that, 22 FEC reports listing this as a campaign loan. None of those reports disclosed any repayments. The loan was renegotiated. That's all illegal. Now you're saying those 22 FEC reports were false because it was a personal loan. So which is it, an illegal loan or false FEC reports?

The Barletta loan is identical to the other loan in the Murtha race. Same loan, same year, same violation. Thanks for providing the information on that, by the way, it saved me having to drive to Wilkes Barre and dig it up. You provided the written information in your stupid emails. The evidence that loan was illegal lies in the $50,000 fine imposed by the FEC. Are you really this stupid Mr. Keegan? Really???

Here's an FEC page where the fine is listed:

Here's the FEC page where they disclose this is for an illegal loan:


Wow great work John. Looks like you've unearthed another dishonest rat. Doesn't look like there's anyway around this one... it is what it is.

John Morgan

I have to admit Mr. Keegan did the work for me, sending all this wonderful stuff through email. It doesn't appear the Barletta campaign has good message discipline. Just anyone can contact press and media with no accountability.

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