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March 21, 2008



ok, no one is reading this anymore...however...interesting story...

according to one person...Barrack...his grandma is a closet racist...however,the people who knew her and worked with her...never saw such a side...of course he may know better, but I still maintain until we hear it from her own mouth, why should we give him the benefit of the doubt?

but its a dead issue now...Barrack gets the clean slate and doesnt have to dissassociate himself from the racist in his congregation. Plus the 'typical white person' comment...he's getting a pass on everything from the press.

have a great day :)

John Morgan

tyler if I had a dime for every white person who began their racist rants with the words "I'm not a bigot but..." I'd be a millionaire. I have no doubts Barack's grandmother said some things he found very uncomfortable. Heck, I doubt any white person can claim to never have said something a Black or Hispanic could find offensive. This how deep and profound the endemic racism is in America.

Go back tyler, and read Rev. Wright's sermons in full, read these comments in their context as part of the sermons and you'll come away with an entirely different opinion.


Here's where you and I agree..racism is endemic. But by all people, in all places, at all times, all over the globe.

What makes us better, yes, BETTER than all those other places is that we are a country of people from a variety of locations around the world who came together for freedom and despite the prejudices, despite the racism (again, by everyone) will still manage to be the land of opportunity. Examples exist everyday. Don't want to hire me because I am black? In America, I can say screw you and work hard become a Supreme Court Justice. Don't want to hire me because I am a fat black woman? I can say screw you and work hard and become one of the single most influencial women on the planet. Don't want to hire me because I am gay? I can say screw you and work hard and become the head of a major media conglomerate (or the owner of a successful blog site that is now getting world wide attention). Don't want to hire me because I am disabled? I can say screw you and work hard and become the CEO of a fortune 500 company.

The common thread is working hard. And being in the Good Ol' US of A.

Sure, racism exists...but we are not killing each other by the hundreds of thousands like the racists in Rwanda. We aren't killing each other in thousands like in Dafur, China, Indonesia, Sudan etc. There is a reason no one immigrates to China but they come here in oil tanker cargo hulls. There is a reason no one runs to Cuba but paddles like hell through shark infested waters on innertubes to get out. No one heads to Iran. No one says "hey, lets pack up the kids and move to Ethiopia for some real freedom and opportunity".

Now back to dear grandma-ma. I am not saying what Barrack claims about her isnt true. What I am saying is that we have to take her racism on HIS word because she isnt allowed to talk to the press. And since he is a politican and since we have heard his own embellishments, is his word truly believable on its face? I say no. I say he only used his grandmother as a way as to not having to distance himself from a very polarizing and influencial figure.

Clever tactic, I will admit...but its still a tactic.

have a great day :)

p.s. think ANYONE could say they never uttered anything that someone wouldnt find offensive? i could point out crime stats, blacks might be offended, Kirk could say something about the bible, the religious might get offended, you (as a gay man) could say practically anything and the Islamic folks would get offended (and show they are not violent by going out and acting violent), a religious person could say something and the athesists are offended, Wright could say something and the whites are offended, Bush could talk about war and the French get offended, Pepsi can make and ad and Coke gets one can pass your test. Heck, Jesus offended the Jews and Romans. The Dalia Lamia offends the Chinese. Ghandi offended the English. Buddhai offended the Islamics. The Pope offended the Islamics (they are an easy bunch to rile up...just draw a stinkin cartoon and it's a one way ticket to jihad city). The only person I can think, honestly, who didnt offend anyone during her time on the earth is Mother Theresa. Outside of her...everyone is fair game.

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