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March 19, 2008


DC 93

Woooo! Hahahahahahaha!

John, you slay me, GOP political or "conservative" leaning judicial figures actually being consistent and following through with what they profess for others and then doing it themselves, wow, you must have drank the Cool-Aid again.

Yes, they probably will break with their strict, idiotically based, constructionist mantra and stance.

Hell, I know damn well Scalia will, even if it ends up 5-4 in favor of D.C., because he's already had to defend his actions of hanging out with Cheney at a hunting outing whilst the court heard a case that arguably he should have recused himself from, which was a fine example of the moral and values hypocrisy that predominates the "conservative" or neo-conservative position. They shriek at the level of chaos and problems in the country, but can't fathom how it is at any of their doing or rather undoing for approaching problems and solutions in the arcane and idiotic way they often do.

I ain't saying that some liberals are any better in some respects to solving or trying to solve the same problems, but at least most of them time I think they stick to being behind what they espouse more than the conservative end of it.


Not saying you specifically John because I think we are in agreement with Keulo vs New England...but this is the same court that gave us THAT hideous ruling that many on the left you take the good with the bad at times.


Earlier today Pryor picked OSU over PSU. He is a bit of a headcase...or maybe thats just the sour grapes talking.

Kirk Wentzel

What's an OSU? What's a PSU? :)


Ohio State...Penn State...
the nation's number one football recruit opted for OSU today.

off the topic i know, but John is a fellow psu alum.

Kirk Wentzel


DC 93

You'd have to be a headcase to choose OSU, a team that is halfway to making history as the college football version of the Buffalo Bills infamous 0 for 4 championship run drought.

I guess he likes to choke when it counts, b/c that is all what they seem to have the market on these days.

Yes, that is totally the sour grapes via a healthy helping of truth and factual history.

Hopefully seeing OSU play with Pryor will be much more humorous than a skit of Richard Pryor.

John Morgan

That's terrible news tyler! Awful, darned awful.


OK, another off the topic...but if you get a minute...check this out...seriously...all kidding and politics aside...

get out your checkbooks and get ready to invest...because if this thing pans and me..both sides of the aisle will be happy...clean fuel, reduction on foreign independence...

this guy figured out a way to use bacteria to convert bio mass to fuel...kinda like how a cow turns food into methane farts...hopefully without the smell :)

american ingenuity! maybe...if it works on a large scale.

again, you're busy...but if you get a chance, its worth the read.

John Morgan

There have been some very intriguing discoveries. The exciting part are the good future jobs which can be developed. We need to insure they are here in Pennsylvania and this is part of Rendell's vision.

DC 93

Rendell's Vision is in the bacterial culture of a methane cow-fart haze?

So. in essence we might eventually come to say the Pennsylvania economy is crappy and that will be a good thing???

Sorry but all those comments just ran together in my mind and that is what it produced, enjoy the funny. I did.

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