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April 07, 2008



I am digging the new Obama ad up on your blog!!!


John Morgan

I have to say they have some great ads. Interestingly I don't get any grief from Clinton supporters about these. No Hillary people harass me or accuse me of favoritism because those run. I think this is fascinating.

Martha Careful

Everyone reading this blog needs to do two things:

1) Make the most generous donation you can make - even $50 makes a difference.

2) Send a link to an article you liked to 5 friends.

This is a great blog, and progressives need to do a lot better job of supporting progressive media outlets. Talent should be rewarded. Do the same for the Texas Blog Pac while you're at it.


Do Hillary netrooters exist in PA? I am still looking.

John Morgan

There are some. I get emails from them offline.

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