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April 08, 2008



John, a few questions. Do you think Bill will come to campaign in PA after today's news about his Columbia free trade lobbying? Do you find here a conflict when Hillary makes bunch of dough from Bill's Columbia dealings and then lends that $$$ to her compaign? And, in light of today's news, what do you think Rendell thinks about all this?


. . . so you don't buy into the "PA is old school" or "PA demographics are hard to overcome" . . . just curious?

John Morgan

I'm not familiar yet with the Bill/Columbia situation. I was focused on the Iraq hearings all day. I'll check it out.

Hillary has made her own money, made quite a lot of it from her book so your assumption she loaned the campaign his money is false. Go check their tax returns.

No, EJ I don't. I thought from the start that Obama could win PA. Rendell did it with only ten counties (of 67). If you win the ten biggest counties you can win this state. They're clustered in the southeast and southwest then throw in Center County (Penn State) and you can win. I saw these as good voter demographics for Obama.

Overall Rendell is mostly correct. There are a lot of conservative Dems here, especially the huge number of Catholics. The number of racist hate groups in the state is significant but Barack Obama has largely transcended race as you can see at his events.


John, I did & Bill earned a lion share of that $110M in just 5 years. Thus, she loaned THEIR money to her campaign, including $800K he earned from his dealings with Columbia.

John Morgan

So she and her husband disagree on a policy question. I don't see the big deal. No two people ever agree on everything 100%. Unless there's clear evidence that Hillary said she supports this deal this is a non story.

Hillary has made her own money on her own book.


Ok, but do you think Bill will campaign in PA?

John Morgan

Bill Clinton already has campaigned here. I attended two of his events for this blog.


John, I, of course, meant going forward.

John Morgan

I don't see why he wouldn't. He and Hillary disagree on this issue, why would that prevent him from campaigning for her? I'm sure it isn't the only thing they've disagreed on over the years. Keeping interns under the desk, for example, likely came up at some point. Among other things...

Having met Bill Clinton I understand the attraction now.


You mean attraction to interns? 'cause all I see is a ruthless, calculating, power hungry slimeball who should have retired from active politics already instead of setting up another dinasty in this republic & destroying his legacy. Hardly a politician to admire. But that's a different subject.

I disagree with you on the trade deal position. He will stay away from PA as much as he can now (which does not exclude a few appearances here and there, mostly in places like Pilla).


I think Obama CAN still win PA. I've never bought into the idea that Obama couldn't win. I did some rough calculations and he really only needs about 42% of the white vote to win. He's been inching closer in the most recent polls.


Assuming Peter is a democrat...this kills me.

The attacks on the Clintons within the democrat party would be UNHEARD of if not for the press finding someone even more to the left than Hillary...that being Obama. Now she is persona non grata and Barrack gets all the softball press coverage.

John, be honest...if two years ago I told you that the dems would viciously attack the Clintons and their supporters (and their car tires!)...this is the Clintons we are talking about...a guy who had to have the press create two polls just to justify why he shouldnt be impeached...remember the 'personal approval' and the 'job approval' polls they were touted that no other politician in history wouldnt have believed me. I wouldnt believe it either.

Kinda makes me feel bad to see how fast the left turns on its own. However, since I totally agree with Peter about President Clinton being "a ruthless, calculating, power hungry slimeball who should have retired from active politics already instead of setting up another dinasty in this republic" my sympathy is very short lived. We're talking miliseconds here. Maybe nanoseconds.

Hillary Clinton...THE Hillary Clinton...on the outs in the democrat party. Wow, never thought I would see the day.

Totally proves my assertion that the left loves whoever is more left. McCain disagreeing with Bush? The press couldnt get him on the air enough. The NYT loved him. McCain now against either Dem? NEOCON who will ruin our country by following the Bush agenda (the same Bush agenda about 1 year ago the press said McCain was rebelling against, but I digress). Hillary versus the VRWC? Hillary was the smartest woman in the world. We must genuflect at her wisdom. Hillary versus Barrack? THAT LYING B*TCH!!!!

i love being right :) (pun intended)

have a great day :)


tyler, I am not a democrat. I am independent. So, don't kill yourself, please! :) And your notion that Obama is to the left of Hillary is b.s. talking points you got from GOP.

Anyway, your GOP head is spinning out of control, looking for answers that are written on the wall. Which is a very good thing. Let it continue spinning 'till November. Just don't stop watching Fox News. :)


peter...yea..right. alot of democrats consider themselves independent. They also dont call themselves liberals...the new term is 'progressive'.

You're thinking that Obama (check out the ADA for the ratings) is more to the right than Hillary? Talk about listening to talking points!! He has always voted in favor of the ADA ranking on every issue in 2007...well, technically thats not correct as he no voted at least 6 of them (at least Dirty Dick Derbin showed up to vote). Barrack missing a vote? Wow, color me shocked! Was there any presidence for that during his state service in Illinois? There was??? Wow, blow me over.

Anyway Pete, your labeling about 'GOP talking points' , your saying its MY GOP rather than THE GOP and your dislike of a certain news organization reveals your true (blue) colors. I love you guys...Fox news is biased...but that CNN/NBC/ABC/NBC/MSNBC(if anyone still watches that channel) are truly objective.

but go ahead and keep calling yourself an independent. Keep thinking that you are 'right down the middle'. Whatever floats your boat.

but you are not fooling anyone.

have a great day :)


taylor, you go ahead & pay attention to some ratings. I'll look at issue by issue. His stance on health care is certainly to the right of hers. His stance on lending is certainly to the right of her. His stance on Iraq, well, is was just RIGHT as far as I concerned. And these 3 issues are among the main in this season. Well, honesty & integrity too (as always).

I watch Fox News for my own "objectivity" balance diet for about 8 years. Tell you what, tyler. For the first time, these guys are out of touch. Their fake patriotism meme with flag lapel crap isn't working as well as it used to. And the GOP heads began to spin in search of something new...

And, I don't really care how you ID me: blue, red or in the middle. What's the difference? It is still just my humble opinion I am expressing.


flag label crap? interesting what you calling wearing the america flag. Crap. Should they wear a W pin with a line through it? Maybe an 'i support the troops but hate the war' button. An American news organization wearing an America flag pin...they should be ashamed of themselves.

uh are SO not a leftist. and the moon is made of green cheese and Kirk knows everything there is to know about football (sorry Kirk, just making a point)

Andyou can look issue by issue. Then I can add up those issues to generate a ranking. And he ranks as a liberal. Leaping, screaming, tree hugging liberal. national health care, tax raising, military cutting liberal.

But please go ahead and vote for him. After all, your an independent who doesnt follow any lead...your leads all happen to be liberal causes, but I guess that just coincedence, right?

have a great day :)

John Morgan

The Democratic left hasn't liked the Clintons for years. This is something tyler doesn't understand. To liberals the Clintons are comparable to the way the right wing sees Arlen Specter and moderate Repub's.


No offense John, but it wasnt too long ago (prior to the primaries kicking off) that you called the Clinton Presidency "the good old days" and were one of his most ardent defenders.

And you comparing Hillary and her 80-90 liberal rating to Arlen 'the only thing i've done worthwhile is investigate Spygate' Specter and his 44% conservative rating (which means he votes with the left more than his own party) is pretty funny.

And shows how truly far to the left you are. But I've said that for a while.


p.s. if you truly dont like the Clintons...welcome home, the party has been going on since 1993. Grab a drink, eat some chips...what took you so long to get here?

John Morgan

Compared with Bush they were "the good old days." My point is that liberal Democrats consider the Clintons as moderates.


Yes, tyler, I call the flag lapel stuff a crap which emphasizes the artificial show of patriotism for political gain. But hey, like Hannity sas, you're a very "Good American", tyler! That definetely sounds patriotic, isn't it? Find a new meme, tyler, before it is too late!

Have a wonderful day! :)

John Morgan

Anyone who needs a flag lapel pin to prove they're a patriot isn't.


ok, what does meme mean? never heard the term...

and John, if anyone thinks the clintons are centrists, then they are farther to the left than Stalin. Seriously. And that is a scary proposition...that would be akin to me saying "that Jesse Helms...what a tree hugger". "That Rick Santorum, what a centrist" No wonder Barrack strikes such a cord with your party...him and Kerry (who was to the left of Teddy)

Sheesh, you guys are the extreme left wing. Extreme. And I dont even think you recognize how far left you are.


agenda, tyler, attack agenda. You are so obsessed with the left and the right and the middle, tyler, you sound just like your hero and my neighbor Hannity. But, after all, you and him are just "Great Americans"! :)

John Morgan

I will never apologize for being a liberal.


John, you dont have to. At least you call yourself such and vote accordingly. You don't duck away from it and try to deflect. For you, its what you believe in.

Guys like Pete are ashamed of the label and try to convince themselves and others they are independent, moderates...uh huh. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, swims like a duck...its a liberal. Unless of course, you are Pete in which're a independent.

And the agenda of the Barrack and Hillary is what I oppose on all fronts. So most of the issues I oppose..higher taxes, weakened military, environmental propaganda...fall on the left side of the aisle.

And Pete since you are such a 'independent' I am guessing you are mistakenly assuming that everyone on the right side of the aisle listens to talk radio. Which I dont. I can count the number of times I've listened to Hannity et al on one hand. When im in the car, sports is on. Or was that assumption on your part more of your liberal thinking slipping out...

Paging Dr. Freud, paging Dr. Freud, an independent is on line one.

have a great day :)

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