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April 12, 2008



The title of the entry is typical of the pattern I've seen in this blog - accusatory, distorted and self-dramatizing.

I initially subscribed to this blog to get information on the Pennsylvania primaries but I've consistently been put off by how often the stories seem to become about you and your 'victimhood'. It is astounding (and perhaps, with such great repetition, dubious) how often you are maltreated, affronted or slighted.

You surely had to agree to certain terms of service when you signed up with your blog hosting company which they seem to feel you have violated. They are within their rights to request you to cease violating these policies and you are within your rights to refuse (and to cancel service) but that is *your* choice. This volunteer was not involved in 'shutting down the blog' as you so dramatically describe it. You are responsible for what you write and you are responsible for your choices.

I support you in defending your first amendment rights and your choice to move to another blog hosting service if you feel that their policies are counter to what you wish to write or say, but this last entry has made it easier for me to decide to stop trying to get unbiased, undistorted journalism on the current political situation in Pennsylvania from this site.

John Morgan

The title of this article is entirely factual. I cannot continue blogging if I am required to obtain express permission before using anyone's name. Typepad knew (because the chose the comment as one I was ordered to remove) she is a public figure yet their attorney says I cannot use her name.

Under law public persons have no expectation of privacy. Therefore this is a violation of my free speech rights. Until I relocate the blog or secure a legal victory I cannot blog while under this severe restraint.

The terms of service cannot apply to my coverage of public officials. As such they would be illegal and unenforceable. Typepad, however, has chosen to ignore the law in this matter.

I believe this was an express attempt on the part of someone on the Obama campaign to silence this blog until April 22nd. I have asked the Obama campaign if they had any hand in this action.


i rely on your blog daily for incisive analysis and insights into the political terrain of pennsylvania. your on-line departure, no matter how ephemeral, saddens me greatly. please hurry back. i and others deeply appreciate your myriad contributions to the progressive blogging community.

John Morgan

Typepad has imposed an impossible standard. It is impossible to obtain the express permission of every public official and every source. I would have to carry such forms with me all the time and I would have to mail them to anyone who contacted me via telephone or email before writing a story. Due to the time sensitivity of many stories this is impossible.

For example how would I live blog an Obama or Clinton event if I have to obtain the permission of everyone who spoke there, even those asking questions?

I will have to determine if it is possible to find a host for the blog which is compatible with public reporting. Depending on the cost of setting up my own template and software this may be financially impossible.

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