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April 04, 2008


Joyful Alternative

Also at that Cumberland County Democrats event, Ed Rendell will kick off the day. The last time he was here, he promised, if reelected, to make sure our office got functioning air conditioning, because we were baking in there. PCN recorded the speech, so it ought to be more binding than most campaign promises. (Oh, well, he'll be forced to eat a Harrisburg steak sandwich, which in no way measures up to a Philadelphia steak sandwich.)

After that, Allyson Schwartz, a Clinton childhood friend, and a soap opera actor will speak.

Then comes John Kerry.

(I wonder why the Clinton campaign didn't publicize Rendell and Schwartz speaking for her.)

John Morgan

So you got my joke about the check for the air conditioning! Ed Rendell promised the Cumberland County Dems he'd buy them an air conditioner then mistakenly sent the check to Franklin County. He's referred to this mistake a couple of times (I guess I've been to too many Rendell events by now) humorously and keeps saying he still owes you a check. Hey, it isn't like he's forgotten! I think he's having too much fun poking fun at himself over this he doesn't want to part with the campaign cash yet.

I hear the Franklin County Democrats were thrilled to get the check. Go pound on Beth to get it. (Sorry Beth!)

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